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I recently had to sell my 51 Ford F1 as my neighbours were complaining abaout almsot everything. I am doing some research on my next project and and am wondering if someone could give me some help.

I am looking at Year One's Ford Mustang body shells, I know that is "cheating" as I am not really restoring a vehicle. I am doing it mainly to get a grasp on assembly etc.

My question is: is this a good idea getting a new shell and starting from there. I am pretty sure that I will have to get a rolling chassis for this as well as almost everything else. The "everything else" doesnt bother me as I will have to usually buy new parts for no matter what vehicle I purchase, new or old.

Also, has anyone purchased a shell from Year one and done this, along the same line, does anyone know of any other campanies that sell shells.

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