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Lowered mustang

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I understand springs lower your car but what do you do to get it as low as you want it? I want very little space between the fender and tire but not too lowered anybody have any ideas?
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Different springs drop different amounts. Don't forget you'll need caster camber plates for proper alignment and new shocks and struts for proper ride
:good: and even with those things if you go too low you could need more supporting mods to get proper alignment.. Wouldn't suggest going lower then 2" :good:
Wow coil overs? That's kinda aggressive an approach financially solely for 'looks'..

Op, if the goal is to DD your car slammed, coil overs may be the right way to go. Keep in mind you will need a bump steer kit, X2 ball joints, and possibly steering rack limiters to prevent scribing while turning. Also depending on on your wheel/tire combo rolling the fenders maybe necessary too.

If you do plan on going to the extreme I suggest contacting a suspension specialist to ensure you doing it the right way the first time. :good:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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