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So I got my short block back from the engine shop and I just had some questions on some of the components of the m112 build.

First, off can I just use the 39 pound cobra injectors part number 2R3V-B5A (bosch ev6 i believe).

Second, I read that the 5.0 lifters were the same as the 3.8s so I was looking at Ford Racing OEM lifters ( M-6500-R302 ) will these work and are they any good or should I do another brand or Motorcraft? it says they are a 1/16" taller than factory but are supposed to be OEM but i guess the height of the lifter its self might not matter.

Next, will the SVT Fuel pump ( PFS204) be enough for the set up if I end up running 10 PSI also do I need just the pump its self or the whole assembly?

I was looking at replacing my oil pump should I do motorcraft or would Melling ( M246) be good? On rock auto the Melling and Sealed power say "standard volume and pressure, works as high volume on this application" I am not sure what that means so should I run that pump or not?
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