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M3 vs 2012 Mustang GT/brembo

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Hi all,
I need help to determine what to work on this winter. In the past I have had an E36328is for ten years and currently have a 2012 mustang GT, mostly stock (tires and brake pads upgraded), which I got new. I run road tracks about 5-6 events a year and have come to the point I need a better car. My choices are to upgrade the mustang with, say Kenny Brown suspension and add race seats, roll bar, etc. Or get an E46 M3 (can get one around 10K) and build that, likely be a bit less $$ overall after selling the mustang. My love is the corners and running Shenendoah at Summit Point. Don't know if the mustang can be made to corner like the M3. Thoughts??
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I'm positive the Mustang 100% stock could easily outrun an E46 M3 on any race track.

In fact, the Mustang GT is just as fast as the the E92 at nearly every track.

You already have the brake pads and tires upgraded, just swap some suspension components under it, maybe a seat and call it done.

Would switching to the BMW be cheaper? Likely, but in order to make it as fast, you would be looking at serious money.

In all honesty, if you are looking for a nice track car, sell the Mustang and buy a C5 Z51 or C5 Z06.
interesting thought. i had not considered a vette, but for what they cost, I think I would stink with the mustang. I have noticed that many competitive times have been posted with stangs on most courses (VIR, Summit main). One issue I do consider is what will be worse, crash a $30K car or a $10K car with $10K upgrades. With an E46, I likely could also get a tow car so the E46 wouldn't have to be a DD, which my mustang is now. I have gotten used to the power and would really like to just go and put a new suspension in, to see how good it can get.

other thoughts?
I'm actually with Ish. A Vette would be such a better road course car. The C6 Z06 is actually getting fairly affordable.
I would go with a C5 Z personally, once the Mustang is paid off that's the car I plan on getting. At the track near me it's generally a 50/50 split of Porsches and Vettes
OP, if your passion is in the corners and want a car thats designed for corners perhaps a mustang is not a right fit for you. You shoukd look at a used Corvette, Porsche or maybe a 370Z.
thanks for all the replys. Interestingly, the top times at several tracks (VIR, both Summit main and Shenendoah) are taken by either Porsche's, 3 series, or, interestingly Mustangs. No Vette's have recorded top times, although i agree with you that many people at open track days have them.

Is there anyone who has an unbiased opinion of the Kenny Brown setup? The many reports I have read make them sound awesome, as well as many mustangs sporting these suspensions winning on the circuits.
If you're going to build a BMW for the road courses get a E36 and drop a LS1 into it. There are full blown nearly plug and play setups to do this. Samberg makes the swap stuff IIRC.

But yeah you can make a Mustang go around the circle course like nobody's business. I'm not too familiar with the S197 but I know its a better overall starting point than the Fairmont chassis and I do know for a fact that Bruce Griggs' 98 Cobra can outrun just about any damn thing on a road course.
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