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Mac True-Fit Cat-back System with flow path mufflers

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Anyone installed one of these on a 1998 Auto? Texas Mustang has one they says fits the 1998-1999, but the MAC site has no mention of a model for the '98, and I seem to remember there were a few changes from the 1997 to 1998.

Also, it says no welding required! Is this really true and could I install it myself and not have to pay a shop to do it?

Here's Macs link

Texas Mustang text:
MAC has redesigned their cat-back systems for the late-model Mustang. True-Fit design (ball and socket fitting) eliminates the need for gaskets, muffler clamps and welding. The system is made from 16 gauge aluminized tubing plus HTS coating and chrome tips. Systems are available in 2-1/2 or 3 for the serious racer. All necessary hardware included. 1979-1985 cars require the use of Ford double #### crossmember (#D9RR-0005059-M) and exhaust hangers.

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I beleive Greenflash has the catback bolt on system. It should be the same for 94+ mustangs, but I'm not sure. Other people on this site would be able to tell you for sure.
yes the Mac cat-back system will work on all our cars. and Yes Paul (Greenflash00) has the system on his car but it uses the Y adapter
Thanks for the reply, but does anyone know if it is possible to install the kit without any special tools or equipment? Also, because the kit uses the existing Y-adaptor, I assume there is little or no power gain correct?
it is fully bolt on with out welding. mine didnt need any welding longtube header with off road h pipe on 96 stang auto :D
Mine did not require welding. Headers were a real pain to replace.
Finally Installed Dual Exhaust.

I finally got the correct kit long story, but it took 1 month to get it. The install was fairly easy, took longer to remove the old exhaust (did not cut it) than to isntall the new one. I think it is vibrating against the driver side tank a little before it warms up though.

As for performance, it definately does give the car a little extra power. I have the MAC CAI and I think I felt the exhaust more than the CAI. Sound is actually surprisingly good. It doesnt sound too loud when driving normally, but when I drive WOT it is a little louder than I would like.
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