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Here's a lesson on how to install your Mustang's 5 pt. harness and make your own harness bar to save yourself $68.00 The process is simple and all you need is your own 5 pt. harness, I recommend going to and getting a G-Force. An easy installation of the lap belts just replace in the stock mountings. Loop the crotch belt through the under seat bar, and now it's time to hit your local builder's supply store. you want to pick up a 5 foot piece of "thick" steel pipe(keep in mind this is your life in your hands here), 4 C clamps, 4 I-hooks (solid loop, not the open end), 4 2 inch bolts, 5 ft. piece of flat steel, 2 small bolts, and a 2 foot piece of thick flat steel. First start by cutting your steel pipe at exactly 50 1/2 inches. Drill 2 holes the same size of your 2 inch bolts at each end of the pipe, and 4 holes about 10 inches in n 7 inches apart for the I-hooks. Bend a 5" piece of the thick flat steel in to an L shape before cutting. Cut the 5" thick flat piece of steel, and drill 3 holes, one 3/8 hole to fit the stock seat belt bolt, and 2 2 inch holes. These pieces of steel get bolted to the 2 holes at each end of the steel pipe. the 3/8 hole you drilled will be the side to mount the bar acroos the center of the car behind the front seats. Clip the C clamps to the I-hooks and to the shoulder belts. Now it's just down to making a guide for the choulder straps underneath the stock head rest. Pull the head rest up to its highest stock height. Drill a hole through the headrest plate and then take your 5 foot piece of flat steal and make a small L shape like you did with the other flat steel. Drill 2 holes, one on each side of the Steel L. Bend an 18" piece of the flat steel into a rectangle 8" x 1". Drill a hole through the middle of one 8" side and mount the L shape piece of steel to the under side of the stock headrest so it creates a guide for your new shoulder belts. Sand it down, prime and paint it, and you're done! This process cost me $32.00 and the cheapest harness bar's I could find cost $100.00. This saves a lot of money and is easy to do if you can follow my long drawn-out procedure! E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions.

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