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Marina autocross

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Sorry to report, but the the next autocross event planned for feb 24th in Marina, California has been cancelled. I'll let everyone know when the next event will happen. There was a lawsuit filed by a BMW club member who was injured at an event, so there is going to be an extra waver for everyone to sign as we get to the front gate. There hopefully will be an event next month, but I'll keep everyone informed for upcoming events.
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Idk if I will be able to go. These tires that I put on the front rub on turns a little bit, ill see if I can fix it real quick
I hope you get it sorted out in time Ivan. What kind/size tires did you get?

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Man I really want to do some more auto x, that shiz was fun!!
It sure is addictive! I should be sleeping but I'm too excited. I just removed my daughters car seat and checked my tire pressures. Now I'm going to bed.
Just now got the car ready. Now it's me time. Take a drive Andrew. If you leave at about 3am you'll make it in time...
Nice! See you soon.
I went with 255/40 in the front

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I'll see if i get it sorted out. Gonna try to fix it tmrw morning
I wish you luck. Hope to see you there.
Here we go!


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Couldn't make it my have my car with no front shocks on
You were missed. It was a fast course.

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Ron(strayBullitt) did great. He finished third in ESP right behind me. The first place car was on R spec tires, so I felt we did real well considering we are on street tires. We also got to see an EVO 9 blow his engine, good times.
Kool! Man I know but I got everything in order now! Next time for sure I will be there with my 4.10's. really! Crazy was he too high in the rpms?
The Evo looked slow the whole event, and sounded like it was gargling rocks.
I hope this works. Here is a crappy iPhone video of one of my autox runs.
Haha. That was cool. Looked like a pretty clean run. Hopefully the Go Pro is a little better quality. I can see where that video could be a very useful tool...
It was fun. The go pro video is much nicer, I just need to figure out how to post it to my youtube account.
Lmao. I just watched that vid again. You can hear me in the background when you stopped to pick up your time slip. Peggy? is commenting about my "on the verge of impending doom" driving style over the loud speaker. Lol. I'm sure glad I can't hear that while I'm driving. Good times!!!
Ha! Yeah, I can't hear anything but the engine and tires when I'm out there.

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I also agree that video can be a very helpful tool to aid in improving lap times.
I can see by your vid that you are a smoother driver than I. I'm throwing the car around a lot. It would be fun to get video from both cars and do a split screen, time synced video. It would be interesting since both our cars and our times are relatively close. I'll have to work on getting a Go pro...
I agree, that would be cool to compare fastest runs and driving styles. You could probably just get a mount for your phone and save some $.
American autocross also runs at Marina. It seems, from their website, that they set up a track that is more suited to our cars. Same price as UFO, only they claim, time permitting, to give you 5 laps. Once a year tech inspection. And they run both Saturday and Sunday. Their next event is this weekend the 6th and 7th. It looks like this event and one next month are the last two this year. What do you guys think? Should we give them a try?
That sounds awesome! I'm working this weekend, but I'm down for future events. I'd prefer a course that's made for muscle cars.
I would be a definite maybe for this weekend as well. Lol. I have a pinched nerve in my back so I'll see how it feels by then. We should all try to make it to one before their season ends though. What do you think that your chances of making the UFO event on 7/21 are?
Unfortunately, I don't know if I can make it for that event either. My parents are throwing a birthday party for my grandma that day, but I can see, what time do their events start?
Well, it was an interesting day. Whoever set up the track this month should be banned from ever doing so again. The small cars had difficulty with it. Even Peggy was complaining. I'm no longer a virgin, I popped off two cones and Im pretty sure that I've found the point where my car spins out at. It was a good track for the drifters though. Lol. The GTR did well . I ended up about 5 seconds behind Bob and it was good enough , I believe, for second place in ESP. (Pending official results). The next event is in two weeks. August 4. Hope y'all can make it!
I'm sorry the track sucked, I wish I could have gone. Sounds like you had some fun exploring the limits of your Bullitts handling. I still don't think it's fair that Bob and Joe can run r-spec tires in our class:(
That's not surprising. He plays it off like he's not that serious but he is. What class are you thinking you will run in next time?
Okay, I see what you meant. I sure hope we will get another year of autox fun at the Marina Location. It would be a shame if we had to drive over the hill to autox;( I would hate if I was the only one on street tires in ESP, but it sure would be fun on race tires.
That's awesome that you did so well, even if you killed some cones and DNF'd. It's good to hear that they were receptive to running street tires in future events, but I doubt they will give that advantage up. Hopefully they can work out another agreement with the City of Marina, but even if it gets squashed I know we will find an alternative.
I know. I'm probably being over optimistic, as usual. I think that Bob wants to win the season so it would largely depend on who shows up as to what tires that he uses. We're not to much of a threat, points wise, to him. And Joe should probably just stay on the R specs. In any event, (Bold statement to follow) I think that I can get close to Bobs times, with me running on street tires and him on R's. All of my improvement has just been me, I haven't done anything to the car. And it is weak. Lol. Hopefully, before, the next event, I'll have time to install some of the new parts that I have. That and stickier street tires and we'll be close. Close enough for me anyways. It's all just for fun and I like having someone to chase. I forgot to mention, there was a Boss 302 at the last event with the driver fresh out of "racing school". He, kind of, turned his nose up at my car so I didn't mention to him that he might want to lose the Pirrelli's that were on his car. Lol. He's running times slightly HIGHER than Joe. Hehe...
Ha! Serves that Boss right. We all drive mustangs, its too bad some people are insecure and dog lesser mustangs out. And he just did a racing school huh? Sounds like he should ask for his money back. Those Bosses should destroy us with a half decent driver.
Well that didn't go so well. Im pretty sure that I ended up dead last in ESP. Lol. I closed the gap between Bob and I, but, Joe pulled off a half second better time than I did. Neither Bob nor I felt like we brought our "A" game today. Joe did tremendous. You should have seen how happy he was. Im extremely pleased that he is doing so good. He seems to be better on street tires, so, I'm going to start suggesting that he goes back to the R's. Lol.
I changed my sway bar bushings and the car felt pretty good, but, the driver seems to be having some difficulty.
Back to the drawing board
I'm shocked Joe did so well! Like you said, I'm happy he's improving. I saw the Facebook post stating that they designed a fast course to satisfy us heavier cars, did it seem like a fast course to you?
1 more week until the next autocross... Which i will be going to. Can't wait to see all 3 colors of Bullitt in one place dodging cones.
I'm so stoked you're coming Andrew! This should fun. All three colors of Bullitts in one place? I sense a photo shoot coming on:)
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