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Marina autocross

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Sorry to report, but the the next autocross event planned for feb 24th in Marina, California has been cancelled. I'll let everyone know when the next event will happen. There was a lawsuit filed by a BMW club member who was injured at an event, so there is going to be an extra waver for everyone to sign as we get to the front gate. There hopefully will be an event next month, but I'll keep everyone informed for upcoming events.
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We are all on street tires today.
I'll see how it goes...
Well that didn't go so well. Im pretty sure that I ended up dead last in ESP. Lol. I closed the gap between Bob and I, but, Joe pulled off a half second better time than I did. Neither Bob nor I felt like we brought our "A" game today. Joe did tremendous. You should have seen how happy he was. Im extremely pleased that he is doing so good. He seems to be better on street tires, so, I'm going to start suggesting that he goes back to the R's. Lol.
I changed my sway bar bushings and the car felt pretty good, but, the driver seems to be having some difficulty.
Back to the drawing board
Good question.

I remember standing in the pit, afterwards, not really sure how I felt about that course.
I wasnt having a great day though...

Im going to say no.
There wasn't any "long" straightaway and there were two, not that easy, slaloms.
What a difference tires make...:)
A new set of Dunlop Direzza Zll's and I'm knocking on the back door of the points leader in ESP. I finished almost exactly one second behind Bob...:dance:
Dennis put together a very nice track for this event!
It was an AWESOME day!!!!!!
An excellent showing of Mustangs, both old and new. There were two beautiful first generation 'Stangs. A coupe and a fastback. The coupe is owned by Mike Maier of Maier Racing. The car is Badass. He was, consistently, running high 48 second laps. By comparison, my best lap was a 54.7
And the Boss 302 was back. He struggled again, but, there is definite signs of improvement. He seemed much more humble than the first time that he was there. :lol:
That's the initiation into autocross. Check your ego at the gate...
There was a couple of New Edges that I have never seen before. Not sure how they did..
The times that were posted looked very disorganized to me, so, I'm not 100% sure where I placed. I'll have to wait for the official results, but I'm very pleased with my performance at this event.
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1 more week until the next autocross... Which i will be going to. Can't wait to see all 3 colors of Bullitt in one place dodging cones.
We're going to have all of the West Coast Mustang Evolution Bullitts there.
All of the active users anyway...:lol:
I wish that I could figure out a way to get 2300turboford here...

I'm really looking forward to this!!! :)
So there might be four 01 Bullitts there? That has to be a rare sight.
No word on Bullitt #4 yet.
Hopefully he'll get back to me...
I just replaced every piece in my front suspension with all brand new factory parts.
And new Tokico Illumina shocks and struts.
There was a bad tie rod end, two worn A arm bushings, the ball joints were weak, and both the strut bushings and the steering rack bushings were completely shot!
Just have to put the tie rods on tomorrow and then get it aligned. :)
At least we have Andrew repping the DHG Bullitt, who needs two black Bullitts anyway? But if he shows it would pretty cool though. I just pulled some more timing from my horrible tune, and now it seems to be running great. I pulled a total of 4 degrees of timing, I just don't have much time to drive it and dial it in. But I'm feeling like we're close with the tune right now.
Yeah, that's not right.
I wonder if they knew about our California 91 octane "high test" when they wrote that tune? :lol:
Glad you got the pinging worked out. :thumb:

I didn't have time to get it aligned today but I took it for a short drive and it feels very good even slightly out of alignment. Much more precise steering. The struts feel great. I haven't put the shocks on yet and now I can feel a noticeable difference between the front and the rear of the car. My old shocks and struts were a TERRIBLE match for the springs on this car.
I'll install the shocks in the morning and get it aligned, then start playing with the adjustment on the Illuminas...
Basically, learn to drive the car all over again. :lol:
I'm stoked that you got some proper shocks/struts for your springs! Are the illuminas adjustable? If so, I hate you:)
They are... hate away. :)

Why didn't anyone tell me that our cars aren't supposed to drive like an old truck? They're not supposed to wander and need constant corrections to drive straight down the road? They don't normally bump steer?
Haha. :lol:
I knew the front end needed some work when I bought it.
I guess it drives like a brand new Bullitt again. I'm VERY happy with the results
It would be awesome to see 4 Bullitts in one place...... But letz be honest, mine will be the best :p
It's hard to beat Bullitt1075's car but I'm going to concede second place already. My car will have a set of "battle weary" mismatched Bullitts on it. :lol:
I.have my Dunlops mounted on them because I'm paranoid about hurting my mint condition OE Bullitts.
I'm just coming as is Sunday lol. I'll give it a whips down, but I'm not dropping tire pressure before a 2 hour drive.
I've been using just slightly higher pressure in my front tires only, but I'm basically using my "street" tire pressure. That's why I chose to mount my Dunlops on my old rims. With lower tire pressures you are putting your rims at risk of rolling a tire off the rim during hard cornering.
There is a 7-11 just before you get to the track that has air. Also, you can't swing a dead cat at the track without hitting someone who has an air compressor.
I was thinking he could stop at the 7-11, but I wasn't sure if they had air. Ha! Dead cat.
Lol. :lol:

They have air but I would wait until the tires cool down before making any adjustments. I've been putting 38 psi in the front and 35 psi in the rear with the tires stone cold. It's amazing how much heat effects the pressure in these tires. Just the sun hitting one side of the car will raise the tire pressure.
Getting excited now, can't wait to get back out there. Looks like you've already locked down third in ESP for the season, congrats Straybullitt!
A small disclaimer, though; There are only three of us who regularly run in ESP. :lol:
I would be second in the points but I missed three out of the ten races this season.
It's been a fun year and I think that I did ok overall, considering that for most of the year my two main competitors were on R compound tires and I was on 300 treadwear street tires. And my car had some handling issues that I wish I could have addressed earlier but I had other priorities.
I really have you to thank (or blame:lol:) for getting me into this Jonathan.:)

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!
Can't wait either! I'm gonna top of the tank today so she is all ready to go tomorrow.
That will leave you with about a half tank when you get there which is about the fuel load that I like to carry when I'm out there.
Perfect! :thumb:
Maybe not half. I was able to get here with 1/4 tank on an 1.5 hour drive. And it's only another 20 minutes.
Yeah, its what 110 or 120 miles? That will only be around 5 gallons...:thumb:
I saw another blue Bullitt in Capitola today, but it had some 20 inch rims that looked terrible, and he had fogs on it. I'm not sure how I feel about putting fog lights on Bullitts. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep because I'll be so anxious! Can't wait!
Im the same way.
I don't know why. It's just a bunch of us Yahoo's driving our cars around on an old airfield. :lol:
I think part of it, for me, is I'm usually doing something to my car the night before and I get a little wound up. This time, the car has been ready for a couple of days so I'll see if that helps.
I never really thought about it before but that airport property is about the same size as the entire city of Marina...:lol:
The autocross at Mather airforce base was confusing to find cause it's so big lol
If your directions have you coming from Hwy 1 you just take a left off of Reservation Rd onto Neeson and you'll come to a stop sign, keep going straight and you'll see the autocross signs pointing to the entrance on your right.
This was a Army airfield used mainly for helicopters, hence, the huge ramp areas. We only use one of them!
It's not nearly as developed as Mather, in fact it was always seperated from the main military base (Fort Ord) by Reservation Rd.
You'll have no problem finding it...:thumb:
They have helmet rentals correct? I do not have my own, I borrowed a friends last time.
They have a bunch of loaner helmets and they're free. All you do is give them your drivers license to keep until you return it.
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