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Marina autocross

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Sorry to report, but the the next autocross event planned for feb 24th in Marina, California has been cancelled. I'll let everyone know when the next event will happen. There was a lawsuit filed by a BMW club member who was injured at an event, so there is going to be an extra waver for everyone to sign as we get to the front gate. There hopefully will be an event next month, but I'll keep everyone informed for upcoming events.
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Oh and I ran into out M3 friend on the way back lol
People come from all over to do that autocross. I meet more people from the bay area than I do locals at those events.
It sure would have been nice to see some of that blue sky in that photo. Good Gawd, that was the coldest day that there has been this season.
It was still a fun day and it was great having all of the Bullitts together in one spot. :)

Oh, and please tell me that you didn't snap that pic about 5 minutes after you turned onto Hwy 1... :lol:
A couple more pics from the day. I had a great time today guys!
That first picture is awesome! You can actually see the colors better than the more distant shots.
And here is one of Bob, the points leader in ESP...

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Yeah, the weather was the big disappointment of the day. It just didn't cooperate with us as far as photographing the cars.
It would have been nice to have that fourth Bullitt there but I was just happy that the two of you could make it.
It really made my day guys... Thank you! :)
I forgot to ask how you guys felt about your tire pressures? Especially Soccerluvr, who was the brave one of the day with the lowest pressure. Have you taken a look to see how far down the sidewall the scrub marks went?
I liked my pressure but I'm going to take a pound out of the rear for the last event this season.
My sidewall scrub marks weren't terribly low. They are around the same that Jonathan's were at. I definitely could have bumped it up a few psi though.
That track wasn't fast enough for us to put a great deal of side load on our tires. Had there been a long straightaway, it would have been a different story.
In hindsight, I probably could have dropped a pound in the front and two in the rear for that track.
That was F'n BADASS!!!!!!
The only time that I saw him hit a barrier was when he went wide around Pastrana.
It's easy when you can do multiple takes though...:lol:
Pretty impressive skills nonetheless!
I see now what you guys were talking about, it probably took them a month to film that in all of those different locations.
And I see that the city didn't want to risk the antique cable cars so they had to use the fake cable car buses.
Too Cool!!!
I'd forgotten... Thanks for sharing!
The last event of the season is tomorrow,. It may be the last event ever.
Hope to see my ME brothers there! :)
I can't wait! I just washed my car a few minutes ago.
Lol. I'm not going to have the time to wash my car.
I'll see you at the track! :thumb:

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Good luck guys. I wont be able to make this one
Thanks Andrew. :)
It was a fun day and I think that was probably the best balanced track of the season, as far as heavy and light cars go anyways.
Dennis saved the best for last...
I had a blast this year! I sure as hell didn't set the world on fire out there but I was able to hone my skills and improve my car enough to be, reasonably, competitive by the end of the year...with comparable cars and drivers anyways.
I highly recommend everyone giving it a try. It allows you to learn the limits of your car without risking any damage on the streets and will make you a safer driver. Sure, you're going to get beat by old ladies in a Lotus every once in a while but suck it up. You have to do it to be good at it.
I have to thank Bullitt1075 for getting me interested in autocrossing in the first place. He's an excellent driver and was one of the reasons that I tried so hard.
I'm not thrilled about how the ESP class has been run by the club but that's something that we'll have to work out next year... If there is a next year.

I guess we'll find out early next year. :)
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IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The site has been approved and the first event of the 2014 season is next Sunday, February 23.

I'm so happy...:dance:
I'll give Oaktown a try. Just not on a day when there's an event at Marina.

I was so sure that the Marina city council wouldn't approve the site in time for the first event that I kinda tore my car apart yesterday. Just replacing the alternator but I ordered it from Rockauto so I hope that it gets here before the weekend.

We'll have to get together on scheduling. What club runs the Oakland thing? Is it at the coliseum?
I doubt Massachusetts is much better...
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Sadly it looks as though 2014 is the last year for the UFO autox in Marina:(
Well, I suppose that it shouldn't come as too much of a shock, it was one of the main topics of conversation all last year.
I'd, quite frankly, almost given up hope that they would approve it for 2014.
What a shame. :(
That site will be hard to replace...

So Oakland... Huh Andrew?
Great to hear! I wish I could attend, but I have to drive my wife to a photo shoot that day. Kick some ass for me Ron!
Well, damnit, my alternator didn't come today. It's apparently in Utah somewhere. :(
I think that I'm going to skip this event. It's a long drive for me, now, to do with a weak alternator.
I'll have a chance to get my car right and give em hell at the next event...
Event #2 of the 2014 season is Tomorrow.

I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!! :dance:
So.... How do you think you did?
I WON ESP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:

Haha. I'm soooooooo Happy!
The Bullitt was AWESOME!
This was the best day of autocross EVER! :D

It was a pretty tight track. Even the 914's were spinning out. I was a second faster than the second place car which was a well setup Camaro.
That's awesome Ron! I'm so happy for you! We're any if the usual suspects in ESP there?
Yang, who has the 5.0lL, and usually wins whenever he's, sporadically, there, apparently bought a Subaru or something, I think, so he is no longer in the class.
Bob, who, as you know, won first place in points last year, probably, won't be able to attend this year. :(

^ Why I came in first... :lol:

So anyway, it was me, the Camaro, and Joe is back this year:),in ESP at this event.
The Camaro was a fourth generation Z/28 and it was about a second behind me for all four laps.
Lol. If I'd seen that Camaro on the street, I'd pretend like I didn't notice him....
I think that's what pleases me the most... beating that Camaro. It seems like I get beat by practically every one that shows up there.
Event #3 is tomorrow, Sunday March 30. :)
If this is the marina, near Monterey, I used to go there all the time when I was in the army at fort ord back in 89-91, not to autocross but to get drunk and chase women!
Yes it is!
I was actually working on the base during those years. You were there right before Fort Ord was closed.
We race at the old airfield on the ramps where the helo's were parked.
If you were there in '89, you might remember the "cruise" on Main street in Salinas...
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