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Marina autocross

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Sorry to report, but the the next autocross event planned for feb 24th in Marina, California has been cancelled. I'll let everyone know when the next event will happen. There was a lawsuit filed by a BMW club member who was injured at an event, so there is going to be an extra waver for everyone to sign as we get to the front gate. There hopefully will be an event next month, but I'll keep everyone informed for upcoming events.
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Yeah, it would be interesting to try 315's. There does seem to be some hoops to jump through though. We've been contemplating, at the track, if it can be done without the fancy front end, by using spacers AND rolling AND possibly flaring the fenders.

Not my car...:nonono:

I only have one race to judge by, but my 275's on 9 inch rims seemed to work pretty darned good. :)
Such an undignified way to carry a car...

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It works now! :)
Wow! That was a pretty large field of participants.
I see that Mike Maier was there. If you ever have a chance, go take a look at his Mustang, that thing is trick!
I would like to see the '56 Austin Healey 100-8 that had top time of the day, it must be HIGHLY modified!
Sorry to hear about your friends Firebird, judging by that car's final lap time, they must have been pushing it through the finish lights.
And judging by everybody's times, that must have been either a fairly long course, or a fairly technical course, huh?
Areas that need improvement: Notifying my fellow autocrossers of these events BEFORE they take place instead of after...
It's kind of strange that they have those events at Mather on Saturday all of the time. That's a SCCA event huh?
There must be another club using the field today?
The brakes are a key factor in making our cars handle well through the corners. As a matter of fact, I've always considered the factory brakes on the Bullitts to be one of the strong points of the car. ;)
I'd do the shocks and struts and tires next. Wait until you get all of that dialed in and then decide what spring rates that you would like to go to.

Lets see the video!
Put the Dunlops on your 17's and save the staggered setup for the car shows where it will actually do you some good. Plus, the 17's are less expensive.
That will make a bigger difference than anything you've done so far.
Also, at some point, you're going to have to take a look at your bushings, steering rack bushings specifically.
F'n AWESOME dude!!!
Except for the end where you were obviously using to much power through that corner, your car is udersteering through most of those corners, or pushing, the front end isn't turning a commensurate amount for the steering input. The wheel setup will help along with "trail braking" as deep as you can into the corners.
Haha. You have to start trying to resist spinning the car out on the last lap... Typically, that will be your fastest lap.
That looked good! And that track DID look fun!
If i put the tires on the 17s then i will want to go with super sticky, practically near slicks. And i plan to do get the K member, A arms, and steering rack all from MM hopefully. So bushings will all be replaced then.
If you get R-comps, you should put them on 9 inch rims so that you can run 275's. Get a set of super sticky street tires for your OE Bullitts and get as fast as you can on those and then move to the R-comps. You don't want to waste a set of race tires to learn on. They add about a hundred dollars to the cost of each race so you want to make them count!

If your steering rack isn't worn out, there's no reason to replace it, just the bushings...
Yea i meant to say understeer. I keep getting the 2 confused lol.
I knew that you did.
I, sometimes, do too!
Ok i heard the Dunlop Direzza ZII tires are discontinued... Is that true?
You can still get them if you hurry.
I should probably get another set for Bullitt#2...
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