Maximum Motorsports 4-Point K-Member brace; fits '99-'04 Mustang hardtop. According to MM, it does NOT fit convertible models, as it interferes with stock X-brace (MM also says it interferes with auto trans cooler lines, but it didn't on my 2002 GT). Works ONLY with stock K-member.

This was briefly mounted on my car, but my car was never driven while it was on. In fact, my car has been sitting on jack-stands in my garage for 3½ years now, and the engine has never even been started in all that time. So, it's basically brand-new, still. Comes with the mounting bolts supplied by MM (mounts using existing holes - no drilling required). Selling it because I decided after I bought this to remove my stock K-member and replace it with a BMR Suspensions K-member, and this doesn't work with that.

Currently retails for $119.97 at MM (plus shipping). I'm asking $95 (shipped) for it. PM me if interested. Thanks.

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