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theres a 1973 lincoln continental that im lookin at and this is the listing for it:

this lincoln has 77,000 orginal miles, new carb. , new beautiful blue with gold pearl paint job , white leather int., you can run her at a 100 mph and she wont even shake, you must see it to appreaciate, i started to restore it and ran of of money and time the car got to go or me !!!, the only thing wrong is it has a small leak from the gas tank ... and no a/c ..but just needs a condinsor i had it checked ...the price is 2000 obo

how much to fix up the gas tank and condensor for the ac? how much should i give him to offset that cost?

and more importantly please help me answer this question. my dad agreed to let me have one classic old school car until i move out and get my own place. so when i had 3 grand he went out to jacksonville for me to get a 200 ci 6 cylinder mustang coupe with a straight body with under 60,000 original problem is that i tore up the car too much and then i realized not only can i not continue( i only make 200 bucks a week), i was also foolish since by the time i did this, i replaced perfectly fine parts. the car was all original. i replaced the hood,one door( i have another new door), both fenders, and new carpet. the mustang is missing one door, a trunk, all the lights, seats, radio,mirrors,glass,dash pad,both bumpers,wipers, and headliner. this car is not legal to drive and i hope i can still squeeze a grand out of it despite all the parts missing. i still have most of the original and all of the new parts. do you think this could be possible.

p.s. when i took the seats and carpet out i painted the floor with por 15 to stop the few places of rust. the other two spots of rust are on each side of the quarter panel, but other than that, this is a florida car with a straight body, little rust, runs and drives fine!

i really wanna keep the mustang but i doubt my dad will let me keep two cars in his driveway, so i must choose and although i havent lost patience, i must open my eyes. i havent driven in 3 years since my dui and i still have to reinstate my license and put a down payment for insurance. i also realized this lincoln has a big block, which drives me crazy! XD.
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