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Mini spare to fit over Brembo brakes

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I have an '18 with Brembo brakes up front, the aftermarket mini-spare tire that will fit over the Brembos cost about $400 which is ridiculous. The spare that Ford sells is about 1/2 the price but will not fit over the Brembo brakes. I imagine the Ford version will work on the rear, no Brembos back there, but am not sure. I'm thinking that if you got a flat up front you could put a rear tire up there and the Ford mini-spare on the back until you got to a tire shop. I have read that the Torsen rear end is susceptible to damage with the wrong diameter tire but would 15 miles to the nearest tire shop damage it? Really hate to spend $400 as my old Mustang went 6 years without a flat. Your thoughts, please.
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I understand your dilemma... I have a nearly 30 year old truck with 600k+ miles that still has the original, unused spare tire hanging underneath it.
As for the different diameter tires on the rear of the car, I suppose that it would depend on the amount of the difference, but I would be hesitant to drive my Torsen equipped car 5 miles, much less 15 miles. A car optioned such as yours was meant to be towed on a flatbed in the event of a flat tire.
It looks like the only safe option is to purchase the expensive aftermarket spare if you want the peace of mind of knowing that a flat tire will not leave you stranded on the side of the road somewhere.
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With a cell phone and AAA (or your favorite towing service), who needs spares anymore?
mini compressor/plug kit/phone/$. idk but doubt 15 miles will seriously harm it. I did the plug kit unless I was travelling more than 75 miles from house (willing to call in favors) then I would throw in one of my off season tires in back.
With a cell phone and AAA (or your favorite towing service), who needs spares anymore?
The only problem with AAA and any towing service is that you may be waiting around for hours on end. I just purchased tires from my car and Discount Tire had to order them as they were not in stock, so what happens if I am towed there and they don't have one, or if you get a flat at 2 AM and the tire can't be repaired. The idea of AAA sounds good until it happens at the worst possible time, the idea of being stranded on the W. Virginia turnpike waiting for AAA to tow my car to Gomer's garage doe not appeal to me; I'm putting one of those expensive little spares in my Mustang.
Why wouldn't you just buy a spare wheel/tire combo that will fit over brakes? It wouldn't have to be pretty.
A normal size spare will not fit in the spare tire well in the trunk without pushing the cover up a couple of inches or I would.
You have to pay to play https://www.automotiveauthorityllc....-2015-2017-ford-mustang-gt-with-brembo-brakes.

Hell, I paid over $400 piece by piece to buy a 2010 Mustang GT spare to fit my 2011 V6 Mustang. Ordered from my local Ford dealer because I didn't want to buy a used spare for my new Mustang from E-Bay :)
Regarding the idea of putting a rear wheel on the front (in the case of a front puncture) and fitting the mini spare to the rear. I don't think you want different diameter/circumference wheels on the rear if you have a limited slip rear end.
Yes. It is not a good idea to run tires of different diameter on the rear, even with a clutch-type Trac-loc differential. It can cause a lot of unnecessary wear to the clutches. But for a short drive to get the car home, or to the tire shop, personally, I would be more inclined to use the less expensive factory spare tire, rather than the costly aftermarket spare... And just hope that it never needs to be used.
The Torsen differential installed in my car is noisy just making sharp turns in a parking lot. I can only imagine the racket that it would be making while driving at freeway speeds with two different sized tires installed on the rear axle. I certainly wouldn't want to drive it like that!

This is an example of why a track-oriented car may not be the best choice for a vehicle that will be used primarily as a daily driver.
Lol spare... Plug kit and a 12v pump. Keep them in all my cars. If the blowout is THAT bad where you can't plug it then get towed. Liklihood of that happening where you can't plug it is honestly gonna be less than getting in an accident.
I know that I am probably the exception, but I live in an area where cell phone service can be "spotty", or completely non-existent, in many places. And I can't recall ever having a blowout on the road which did not require the replacement of the damaged beyond repair tire.
Just like 100 years ago, there are still potential circumstances where a flat tire will give you basically two choices... You have to fix the tire right there on the side of the road, or you have to start walking.
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