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1. A BRAND NEW MagnaFlow Tru-X Crossover X Pipe 2.5" with a 3" core part# 10789. Looking to make the most power and best sounding exhaust possible. It is time to try a MagnaFlow X-Pipe. Large 2 1/2" diameters for a smooth less restrictive flow. bolt-on design for fast and easy swaps (some welding may be required). Great power with distinctive sound. More horsepower than aftermarket H-pipes. Approximately 12” long & 6 1/2" Wide. I bought this and decided to stay with my H pipe because I don't want to hack up my brand new mac catted h-pipe. this is great if you want dual exhaust!!!

this is where I bought it(different part number though):
here is a review on it:
here's a picture:

I would like to see $75 shipped for this. lowballers will not be aknowledged.

2. BRAND NEW Steeda Heavy Duty Upper Rear Control Arms for 79 - present Mustangs (excluding IRS Cobras).
More traction!
Lower your 60' times! (remember the drop in seconds in your 60ft will double the drop in the traps! ;))
Better handling, more stable cornering!
Eliminates side to slide "sloppiness" in the rear end!
O.E. style steel arm reinforced to prevent twisting!
Comes complete with polyurethane bushings for the axle & 2 times stiffer rubber for the chassis.
Won't damage upper "torque boxes" like other arms.
Maintains good ride quality
Excellent bang-for-the-buck suspension piece
Comes with poly bushings for the axle; stiffer rubber for the chassis

The best in suspension will tell you a boxed upper is the best replacement for the mustangs upper control arms. Many people say not to get uppers because they come with poly bushings. But most will agree that having the poly bushings on the axle side while keeping a stiff rubber on the chassis side will not induce much bind. Most, if not all, daily drivers will never see any bind.

here's the steeda link:

here's a picture:

I'd like to see $105 shipped for these. Steeda sells them for $100 + shipping. $5 for shipping isn't bad for the weight of these things.

3. 99+ Halfshafted and Ported TB. This was halfshafted and ported by RPM mustangs. I had it on my car before the 70mm TB. I also worked on it a bit and smoothed everything out. This TB is awesome! $80, and I will send you $20 back when you send me your old TB. so a total of $60.

4. 2 - 2.5" Stainless Steel Magnaflow Mufflers. Used off my catback system. They were on my car but they sounded like rice with my Long Tube headers. So I switch to dynomax superturbos. But magnaflows sounded awesome on my car with stock cats! (here is an 8mb movie of my car with stock cats and Magnaflow mufflers

I'm asking $30 each. $60 total. will consider shipping, but would prefer local pick up.

5. A pair of 99+ V6 rims. These would be great for slicks or drag radials. I'm looking for $30 for both. I WILL NOT ship. these are local pick up only. it's not worth the time to ship. here a picture:

email me if you are interested. [email protected]
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