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Mmm rice

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The iconic mustang has been an object of my obsession for many years now, but its always been out of reach. I now proudly own a 01 GT. Fully stock with 80k miles. Couldn't be happier with it, big step up from the Focus I use to drive. I feel like the sky is the limit. Hope to learn a lot from the members of this site in the years to come.
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Post up pics?
Welcome to the club.
Thanks guys. The only picture I have is the one on my avatar. I can take more tho. Clean car for year, minor body damage on the right side next to the spoiler, which is why i got a good deal on it. But its my first mustang and i love it bumps and all.


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Who cares! Lol a mustangs a mustang! Looks clean!
welcome to the best forum available { in my opinion} GREAT looking car. You will find great people here and a vast amount of stang minds to help with any questions you may have
Thanks again. Im excited to get the ball rolling. There are just so many options and so little money. I am totally satisfied with the power i have now, but im sure its the same with your first motorcycle and ill be wanting to make it faster. I was rly interested in a mach one but didnt have the cash flow.
Looks good

Welcome :good:
welcome, you have tons of upgrade room to go as you start with 260hp, enjoy the mod process, but be ready as its never enough, no matter.... you might sit back and say nearly 600hp would be enough (but its not lol)
Welcome to Mustang Evolution!
Welcome. Some great people here.
Welcome! Hope you like it here!
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