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Hello all I just recently found a site dedicated to the '96 Mystic Cobra that locates and lists all the cars I found mine with the previous owner listing all the mods.
I knew it had to have a bit more mods than what I could see just by how much power and how fast it is so here's the list from the previous owner in Tennessee tell me what y'all think it's pushin hp wise. I plan to have her dyno tuned in the spring then I'll know exactly how many rear wheel ponies she's pushin Peace and have a great SVT DAY!!

Forged mahle flat top pistons
forged manley h-beam rods
04 cobra crank polished
MMR high volume oil pump
new water pump
new Gaskets
ARP hardware. heads studs, crank bolt, mains. everything
msd wires
C&L cold air with inlet tube
steeda alum radiator
2 speed fan
ported intake

t-56 tranny
Alum. flywheel
king cobra clutch
alum driveshaft
4.10 gears
diff. cover
pro 5.0 short through

all 4 coners koni coil overs, adjustable
subframe connectors
griggs tubular front end with a-arms
strut tower brace
panbar brace in the rear
bump steer
caster/chamber ajusters
and a few others i am missing

5 point harness on drivers seat
white face gauges on the a/c to match teh speedo
chrome knobs on a/c
Leather, a/c, pw, pl, cruise, tilt, mach 460, LOADED

Not listed are the BBk headers into cat backs, Screamin Demon Coils, H&R Drag springs and 10" American Muscle Saleen wheels with Nittos on em. I run only the best gas - 93 from BP with no ethanol with octane booster this spring I wanna try the local airports 100 octane and see what kind of improvement I have performance wise.


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Do u know what part of Tennessee it came from? I have a friend who has two mystics. One is a 96, the other an 04. The 04 is a vert and probably one of the prettiest ponies I've ever seen.

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Nice lookin snake!
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