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mpt ghost cam tune and lethal o/r x-pipe

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just ordered them yesterday lol . im a kid in a candy store, any install tips are welcome please. :cool:
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just ordered them yesterday lol . im a kid in a candy store, any install tips are welcome please. :cool:
Shouldve gotten a O/R H bro lol
Why too raspy sounding, if it is ill just put resonators in
Yea raspy. Resonators will fix most of it but u would have a MUCH BETTER sound from H bro
hey charlie have you heard them in person?
Yup a H over a X anyday!! I had it before i had headers
it cant be raspier than longtube headers and x-pipe from bbk or borla right.
Stock or aftermarket mufflers?
All I know his, Kona runs an X pipe and his car sounds awesome. So lets not make it sound like H pipe is the only way to go. lmao Charlie, I'm starting to notice that you believe in your mods so much you forget theres other options ;) haha Thats the way it should be I guess though, right?
Lmfao im the one who told him about the resonators for his car would still have drone and rasp. I have a xpipe but thats cuz its the only option i have untill i sell my catted mid pipe and custom make my H pipe. If u dont believe me look it up in other forums. The H-Pipe causes less rasp and a deeper tone.
Ny the way charlie and littlepwny i love input from all u guys.but in the end i have to live wit it, ill post vids. Plus i like to be different. Like when i was the very first to buy and install pypes pipe bombs. Thnx charlie. By the waydoe u think plasti dip on my pypes is a nad idea.
Plasti dip can withstand high temp so it will be fine. Unless ur car is ****en backfiring and melts the plastidip lmfao
Heres a clip of my new exhaust, not that clear will

post up a better one 2moro
No video
:banghead:and santos by the way id hate to say it, but you were right, should of got the h=pipe. i dont even think resonators will fix this much rasp.
LMFAO!!! just return it? Haha tell lethal u wanted a Hpipe but ur Wife accidentally got u the wrong gift. But i think resonators could help but wont do miracles either bro
Savage, get some resonatora bro. Clean up the tone a bit and remove the rasp u said u have now. But besides that, it sounds sweet! What stage ghost cams did u get? Im thinking by the sound its the stage 3
Yeah its the three . My muff shop
( haha) said they wont even try to put in resonators because it would put them to close to the drive line. Im gpnna do some more lookin around
Wtf? I got mine put in on the OTA piping right after the xpipe
I know i wanted to slap the ish out of him. I think hes a chevy punk. Ill find aome on to do it.
Yea bro go to a good shop and they will know how to do it
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