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mpt ghost cam tune and lethal o/r x-pipe

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just ordered them yesterday lol . im a kid in a candy store, any install tips are welcome please. :cool:
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All I know his, Kona runs an X pipe and his car sounds awesome. So lets not make it sound like H pipe is the only way to go. lmao Charlie, I'm starting to notice that you believe in your mods so much you forget theres other options ;) haha Thats the way it should be I guess though, right?
Lmfao im the one who told him about the resonators for his car would still have drone and rasp. I have a xpipe but thats cuz its the only option i have untill i sell my catted mid pipe and custom make my H pipe. If u dont believe me look it up in other forums. The H-Pipe causes less rasp and a deeper tone.
Blahhh blahhh. Xpipes and resonators get the job done, case closed. We can't call get custom fabbed drive shafts and h pipes u clown
Plasti dipped my pypes tonight, they go on Thursday.

They came out great imo.


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Lmao you're Jeff bell? Been stalkin your v6 vids,nice to meet you haha :D

So I told my gf I'm planning on intake/tune next and its about $530 for both.. she said she thought I said I was done for now. I said yeah, I'm planning on waiting till summer, and she said at least wait till my semester is over . Which is the beginning of May hahaha. Even better!!!
In the end i was right lmfao
About what lol H pipes have a different impact on the power band. Better is entirely subjective, same with sound! I demand a draw!
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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