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I was wondering what you all think of the performance of MTX amplifiers . I was going to buy a MTX Thunder502 2-Channel Amplifier on ebay and connected it to a 12'' kicker cvr. I just wanted to know if the amp is going to pick up the sub.

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Dave said:
when bridging the amp it said to have 360 rms with a 4 ohms load.
the sub is rated at 300rms so you would be overpowering it which will eventually lead to the coil burning out.

I would go with Planet Audio if I were you. My set up is like yours, a 10" kicker cvr with a Planet Audio 2 channel amp pushing 300rms into the sub at 4 ohms.

Mtx is ok. Would I buy it no.

Planet Audio is what I would go with
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