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What is a good muffler i could put on my 2001 v6? I am eventually going to get dual exhaust, but until then i just want a muffler. I DONT want anything that sounds Jap, just something with a nice throaty tone.
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How much are you wanting to spend? There is a single flowmaster in the for sale section that you may be interested in. I've heard it on a single exhaust setup.. it didn't sound to bad :mrgreen: .
Here look at this thread on the different type and brands
Everybody has favorites just go around and listen to some stangs in your area or look for soundclips for the sound you want
A good temporary muffler to give you a little more sound til you get duals would be a single in dual out generic turbo muffler.
If I got GT Take Offs, what Borla Mufflers would i need to put on?
I love my 40 Flows. Love the sound and not a bad price either.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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