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First off, I have this on several sites! It's going to fill quickly!

They are GT Hood Scoops. They are the kind with 9 studs and plastic posts on the bottom for installation. Once again they are the Mustang GT hood scoop with front insert, this will fit all 1999-2004 Mustangs. I have heard of people buying these for their pre-99 stangs and they do look good!

The Price on these is $96 + Shipping. I've looked around and the average price for shipping was about $10. We need atleast 5 people for this...once all 5 people have paid, they will ship. Once 5 people sign up, they are gone! I might be able to get my hands on more but it all depends! If it fills up quickly I'll let that person know if I can get any more for him/her.

The final price is: $106 Shipped

Paypal/Money Order/Cashiers Check all accepted.

Let me know guys!



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juvi, it's alright to sell badges on this site, because we don't currently have any sponsors who sell them. Unfortunately, we do have sponsors who sell GT hood scoops, so this thread will have to be locked. I apologize, but if you wish to sell items that are currently sold by our sponsors, you will need to contact Brent about advertising. Thanks for understanding.
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