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My car windows won't roll down?

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i have a 1973 mustang and my windows aren't operating right so i checked the wiring and one of the wires that connects to the window switch does not have any current flowing through it so i was seeking suggestions on how to fix the problem
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follow the wire and change it or just put a diff wire.
connect the wire to which ever has a current like the radio or straight from the battery. But make sure to put a higher grade of fuse to where you gonna connect it to avoid short circuit.
also check your regulator.
sometimes the wiring get clogged with dust ,sand build up spray it down with wd 40 and see what happens who know check on your fuse box and see if you have a bad fuse.i would check on both window connections and get it clean out and look if you have wire breakage ,some times it take a bad wire that ll cause the problem.follow the lines on both see if you might have a cracked line that's been exposed for years or fuse gone bad due to exposed wire that ground to the metal of your good luck .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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