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My underbody neons!

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I got my underbody neons on Monday, but I was gonna wait till the w/e to put them on, but come friday, I decided to skip school to do it, heh. It was all pretty easy, but for some reason the rear light, screwing in was a *****. But it's all good now. Sorry they aren't great pics. It's hard to get a good pic of these things...

Oh, and they all get better if u click on them, they aren't that dark.
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Ok the pool starts. I give him 2 weeks before he gets a ticket.... I'll put 10 dollars on it? :D
haha, do u happen to know the laws in alabama about these? ive heard several different things, so I'm not using them on the road till I find out...

And if I don't have a ticket it 2 weeks, I'm expecting this money... :D
well damn. oh well.

i think thats pretty :lame:

besides, if you've ever been pulled over, you know there's no way in hell that those lights under a car even resemble a cop.
I'm waiting for a reply from the DOT on what they say. 8)

I love mine. I gotta work on my front, that splitter is blockin the shine on the light, so I'm gonna try to make it so I can unclip it or something when I'm showin' off and put it back on so I don't bust the tube.

And I still haven't figured out why the side neon tube looks crooked, I gotta find something to shine my side tubes further out.
They are just funny like that, blue lights are for police cars, nothing else, they can't even use them on security guard cars in NC, they have green lights. LOL
what color IS good then? I saw a 99+ stang on the freeway with blue lights, looked pretty sexy. Lowered, 17 inch rims, all black :|
Personally, I am a bit old for that kind of thing, at 53 I think lights are to see with or so people see you, headlights, tail lights, fogs, parking lights, backup lights, etc, LOL. But I recall there was just a discussion about this the other day and I think someone brought out that in front the only acceptable colors is white or yellow, and in the rear only red??? :-?
Honestly, it's how the cop who pulls you over interprets the law. :oops:
I can't see why you guys got cars with a place in the bumper for fog lights and no fog lights and you spend money on something like that to hang under your car?
Good for you!! Proud of you man. :D
Always a step ahead. The dude that had it before me had them put on. Damn remote fog lights. So, I hard wired em. :twisted:
I dunno how your state laws are but in general you can use any color at all if you do have a red or blue you can not drive with them on even if the bars are hidden.

If you dont own those 2 colors and depending on districts you can drive with them on as long as the bars are hidden.

Little tid bit
thx. Guess I'll call the local PD and ask what the rules are.

I will get fog lights, eventually. I think a more pressing question would be why the hell Ford builds them with a spot for fog lights, and doesn't put them there...?

yeah, my side lights are sorta crooked lookin too, but it must be the place I put them, its sorta slanted under there. My front and back lights dont shine out nearly as far as the side ones. I'd rather leave them like they are than risk getting a busted light tho.
looks good man :thumb2: just for the record, ive had blue underbodies for 3-4 years now and used them all the time in high school. I passed plenty of cops with them on and Im still ticket free for neons. I think if you get pulled over for speeding or something and they see you have those theyll slap another ticket on there, but if they pull you over for JUST THE NEONS theyll most likely warn you. Like dom said though... kinda depends on the cop ;)
yeah, thats cool. I'm sorta not wantin to push it now tho, bein 18 and driving a mustang, I really don't need that insurance to go up. I think I'll still ask the local cops, one of my friends dad is cool as hell and he's a cop, i'll just ask him.
I think a more pressing question would be why the hell Ford builds them with a spot for fog lights, and doesn't put them there...?
If it said GT on the side, they would be there.
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