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MyColor cup holders in Base

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So I have a base GT but upgraded the cluster to that of a premium so I have the my color guages. I am now looking into putting the center console from a premium with the my color cup holders in. My question is, is it plug and play? If not and if it is possible what do I need to get in order to make the cup holders work with my guages. As in change the colors from the cluster. Thank you!
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For the 2005 and 2006 it was. but afterwards, they no longer pre-wired the cars for Ambient lighting. Trust me, I know.
I have a 2008 and I have it in mine the wiring harness for the cup holder led and the wire plug for the information center button to change the lights on the dash cluster so it is in more the the 2005 and 2006
Did you ever end up selling this, If not i will buy it if you still have it up for grabs
How hard was it to replace the cluster with the one that changes color
The My color gauge cluster is some what simple. But need a computer or dealership to install and program the keys. You also need the menu button for steering wheel. I just had this done to my 13 Roush RS. It's definitely an improvement to the base cluster.
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