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Anybody here with similar Tesla style head unit, PX6 Android 9, I would appreciate it if you can extend assistance. If you have photo of unit internal driver boards. I just need the 5 pin IC specs or part inscription.

I had Belsee Tesla Style unit installed on my 13 and fried the 5 pin IC voltage regulator on the TFT driver board on the process of installing USB adaptor to connect arm rest USB port. Harness from Belsee does not include this adaptor and ended up buying one from Amazon with 5 pins on the end that connects to the arm rest USB cable. I made a mistake in connecting the pins and fried the 5 pin IC voltage regulator on the TFT
driver board (circled on photo). I tried buying a replacement board from Belsee and paid for premium DHL shipping but they did not deliver. Over a month later, I ended up disputing the paypal transaction as my purchase status inquiry was ignored until dispute was filed. Belsee has horrible support. Could have purchased the unit from Phoenix instead. I don't recommend buying from Belsee if you are in the market of buying this Tesla style head unit.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help you can extend.
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