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Would you recommend a steeper gear going to a 63 or 67 mm turbo with cams? I want to keep as much low end torque as possible, because lets be honest, everyone wants that head snapping torque.

First off, good choice on going with some aftermarket Cams. I can't get enough of the idle from any radical engine build..

Have you checked out the Hot Rod camshafts? They work great both N/A or boost. Plus, they tune very easily and keep all of your stock drive ablilty manners.

Also, as far as gears go... I would run anything more than a 3.55 ratio. Since the Turbo builds boost off of lag, the 3.55's are pretty short still. Lots of our customers run a 3.27 Ford Racing gear, which seems to work perfectly.

Hope this helps some, let me know if you have any other questions!

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