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i want a backup in case i fubar my '00 motor while playing with boost and/or n2o.

"I have a 94. I have removed the cam because I was going to use it in the 2000 motor I replaced it with. I doubt that I am ever going to really do it so if you want the cam you can have it too. It's a little more agressive than the the 99+ cam. The rods are also quite a bit more beefy than the 96+ rods. If you're building a short block these parts are good to use with one of the newer, stronger blocks. The deal is that you have to take the whole thing. I need to get rid of it, it's junking up the shed. $50obo takes it all."

i have asked mileage and condition, but is this ok or should i wait and find a 99+. this is only for BACKUP fyi.
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