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Ok so I got some tires for my mustang pretty cheap. But my question is American muscle recommends using a 275/40-19 with a 19x 10 wheel on the rear and I was gonna use the stock 235/50-18 on the front with a 18x8 wheel but I got a great deal on som BFG s in a 295/35-19 rear and a 225/40-18 front will they fit with out any problems

We recommend 275/40's for best fitment on a 10in' wide wheel. However, a 295/35 will definitely fit on a 10 without any problem. You can also run a 225/40 on a 8in' wheel if you'd like. It may be a tiny bit stretched because a 235 or bigger is the best fitment for that wheel width!

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or need some assistance!

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