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I have an opportunity to sell my 2012 GT tomorrow for a good price to a private party. I love the car but I have craved a 2017 Roushcharged model, not the stage cars.
It's a GT or premium GT with the Roush charger, upgrade half shafts, and a minimal of Roush badging. A sleeper Roush. With an automatic and rear spoiler it would be in the 51-52 range. (Have to be an automatic for physical reason.) The stage 3 is 64k and up. I would also want the Roush exhaust. 670 HP. On another note, Ford won't sell you a base GT, in this case Roush GT with a Sirrus radio. It would have Bluetooth. You have to buy a premium to get Sirrus.
Roush is not going to build 2018 cars till October according to the dealer.
Question is, what do you think of that Roush ? It would have to be a daily driver.
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