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good news and bad news.

bad news:

i have too much tire for the power i'm making, but i knew that already. with some drag radials instead of my 8.5" slicks i'll be running at least a couple tenths faster. my 60's WITH SLICKS was 1.95-2.05 range... read on...

good news:

my new suspension rocks my face off and i damned near travel my front suspension all the way out. if i had less sticky tires, i'd also have killer 60's. as it is i launch hard as a mutha then the front plops down and nearly bogs.

00 5spd v6

4.10/tlok/cai/ud pulley/gt exh

60' 2.05
14.90 @ 92.5

i'm content though... i'll go out in the coming weeks and try to borrow someone's drag radials. 14.6's here i come...

i'll post the slip whenever i find a scanner.

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v6stanger said:
A little better than before and getting to where you should be.

Might just want to convert to single port :)

No matter what Austin you are gain and coming along :cool:
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