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New dynotune - 265rwhp 280rwtq

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Got my new SCT dyno tune today. I went mainly to fix the idle issues, popping through the intake, and surging. all have been fixed... well, it popped once on the way home. Jerry said he couldn't figure out what would cause it to pop like that. Either way, the car idles like a dream now!!!! no surging either. it's a whole new car!

With the tune we kept the a/f ratio pretty much the same (I believe there were some changes), but he added timing and did some other stuff. anyway, I'm officially happy with the HP/TQ my car produces. And with that HP I believe I'm #1 for NA hp. the previous was 259rwhp.

still some issues with the vac that the car is pulling. you can see I'm still pulling 1.6mm/hg at the upper rpm range. Jerry told me at the last tune that a TB might help. So I did a TB and Mik sent me a custom upper with the posts removed and a hogged out inlet. figured that would fix my vac problem. nope. still there. Jerry said it might be the MAF, but he wasn't sure. He said it seemed odd that it's still sucking that hard. And since he's reading the vac from the crossover area, it's gotta be someplace from the crossover vac line to the air filter. The upper is good, Mik hogged the **** out of the inlet. He suggested a bigger MAF and a custom MAF forward tube. He speculated it would only be worth another 5hp or so. IMO not worth the time or the money. but another 5rwhp would put me up at 270rwhp... which is just a cool milestone. maybe if I found a cheap way I would do it. he also suggested using a windstar upper and a Kenne Bell IAC. said with alittle work it would fit and I'd make more HP and TQ. For now I'm just gonna drive it. might try the windstar upper at a later time. who knows.

here's the graph:

here's the data:

here's a movie of the car on the dyno:
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sweet man nice numbers!!! youll need to update your sig now :) hows it feel to almost have more hp than ericks blown car on your n/a engine?? :lol:
changed it. :D

yeah, I need to rub it in. I text messaged him at the dyno, but he didn't respond! lol.
I'm within 5hp of him. and the same tq. :D
thats awesome... who was it that ran that twin turbo setup and did an 11.9 on the stock motor?
justin, his cars lighter :woot:
and my tq starts off lower than his.
and everybody knows messicans can't drive. :p

damn, where is Erick today?
Justang said:
and everybody knows messicans can't drive. :p
Damn the power difference! That right there more than makes up for it!

:good: Nice numbers :drive:
Very nice numbers for an NA sixxer. You must have some money in that engine. Congrats!
Whew, good thing I am not in CA, I would have to watch out for Justang! Looking good my man! I haven't been dynoed in over a year, so don't know what I am putting out, but you may have me beat there.;)
He's got my stock V-8 beat. My Cobra put down 240 RWHP and 290 RWTQ. I still got him on torque though :D I don't know if his car is heavier than a fox, if not we would have a prety good race.
how much cash have you spent cause DAMN those are alot of mods
its not that many engine mods really.

a 4.2 with BV heads and a tiny cam, logntubes, boltons...
into the engine... I have like 4k with the tune and everything. I found most of my parts used. this is the budget machine! lol. but it performs. the complete 4.2L engine was only $300.

I don't know how my car compares to a fox body. never had it weighed. stock its supposed to be 3050lbs or very close to that. I've really only added a few things that would weigh me down. oh I love 93 Cobra's!!!
I may go get it weighed. it's only like $6 down the street.

When I started this project I wanted a bitchen street car. lots of torque with a really nice idle. all in all, I've reached the goal I wanted. I've got a car that has a damn good idle and it a really fun street car. it's got tq really low in the rpm range which you can't get from a s/c (unless it's a roots), and pulls really hard in the upper rpm range. oh and it gets 28mpg on the road!!!

next up... I'm gonna buy a graduate from college, buy a Tacoma and look for 300rwhp all motor with a new cam. :D
here's a comparison of the both dyno tunes. 233/250 vs 265/280

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and here's a comparison of my car with just bolt ons and the new dyno. I picked up 90rwhp and 90rwtq with all I did.
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