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New from Oregon

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I am new here I found this site looking for information on a car I just bought my granddaughter.

While i do have other mustangs i knew they would be to much for a new 17 year driver
current mustang list
1996 Saleen # 270
1996 Mystics #1210 full steeda suspension up grade plus 5th link
1996 mustang V-6 automatic
2010 Shebly GT 500

i am west of
Salem Oregon on 22 in a little town called dallas
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Welcome!! Pics?
yes i will get some pics soon
Welcome from Me. Let me know if you need someone to keep your stangs kid lives up the coast from you. Lucky granddaughter.
still trying to figure out his new one it is a sweet V-6 automatic but it has goldplated trim the front horse the rear ford is goldplated the locks are gold plated and from the broken fender part it appears to have been gold plated also
Pictures are posted in the album section of 3 of my collection, I cannot find the pictures of the Saleen # 96 270, and my camera is with the Mystic in the shop as they have been taking picture of the conversion to Steeda suspension
Hello, and welcome!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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