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New GT owner

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Well I traded my sixxer in Saturday for a new 13 candy apple red 5.0! I am in love she is everything I hoped she would be! I have been around the site for a few months but just wanted to introduce myself on the gt forum. I already have a bama tuner but figured I should wait a few thousand miles before I tune. Now I assume that since I have the tuner and set my car back to stock before I traded it I can use this tuner for my new car right?!

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Welcome to a real engine!:headbang:

Haha in all seriousness glad you like it!
I am really digging it I havent had a chance to drive it a lot yet but man what a difference between it and the 3.7. The sixxer was no slouch by any means but the 5.0 pulls so hard all the way through to redline! Now if I could just figure out how to use sync that lady is like siri on the iphone she doesnt understand my southern twang. lol
I wish I could help you with the sync brotha but I don't have it on my base model! I am glad your loving the car. Can't wait too see what mods you have planned besides the tune!
Congrats! Nice whip. If you're into mods, get ready for some headaches, but it's still worth it, massive power for the price!
biggest headache is which mod to buy next! lol
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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