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New GT owner

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Well I traded my sixxer in Saturday for a new 13 candy apple red 5.0! I am in love she is everything I hoped she would be! I have been around the site for a few months but just wanted to introduce myself on the gt forum. I already have a bama tuner but figured I should wait a few thousand miles before I tune. Now I assume that since I have the tuner and set my car back to stock before I traded it I can use this tuner for my new car right?!

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congrats on your new beast,,bama is free tunes for life and they will upgrade your tuner to v8 status for you when you call, bama is great, but we were talking about this in another tread, that from the gates you need to drive your car hard and whip its but everytime you get in it, so by all means i say tune it, cai, exhaust, your new 5.0 wants this trust me.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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