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Here are some videos from the HPDE track day my buddy and I went to over the weekend at NOLA Motorsports Speedway. He's got a '13 Golf R, Stage 2+ from APR, putting down 334hp to all 4 wheels. Had a few cars get damaged at the event. A brand new Camaro SS that had a transmission line blow (got it fixed in time for the last two rounds), a '12 5.0L that lost a tire, and a Porsche GT3 that hit the wall and tore up his front driver side suspension. There were a few more but I can't remember specifics. The track was well prepped, so I think some people just weren't paying attention to their limits.

NOLA HPDE3 - YouTube

NOLA HPDE1 (20 July, 13) - YouTube
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