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new pics...compliments to my sponsors!

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well here's some new shots of my stang. Thanks to for the new grill emblem and CROSSROADZDIRECT.COM for the rims:good: Thank you guys for the help;) -a1.stangbaysix


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Looks awesome man!!! I love those black FR500s!
thanks bro! if you would like to see them even better, check out WWW.CROSSROADZDIRECT.COM -a1.stangbaysix
dude your car looks great!! im gonna be buyin some deep dish black bullitts here in the next couple days from matt... im happy to see black rims on our style. I wasnt sure how theyd turn out but yours makes me confident. AWESOME car man.... no go buy a new blower :)
That looks Sic! :thumbs2: :woot:
Sharum and Green Flash got the best stang's ive ever seen!!! SWEET RIDES!! Sharum iv'e never seen u in va?? I'm in chesterfield!!!
:good: nice
Thanks for the compliments guys! I owe the details to Matt and Eval for hooking me up with the "things that matter." -a1.stangbaysix
Matt is a good friend of mine, I always get great deals from him and have been buying from him for a while and recommending him just as long. Eric is a good guy too.
what lowering kit do you have a1?
i bought the car with those springs. Not sure what they are, but the drop is very slight...nothing more than 1.25". -a1.stangbaysix
what size are the rims? for only having a slight drop your wheel gap looks really nice.
my rims are 18" and the tires are 275-40's...yeah I really like how the gap was filled in after I put on these wheels. Thanks. -a1.stangbaysix
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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