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New Shocks/Struts Suggestions

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I've been looking for at getting some new shocks/struts for my '06 GT and have kind of narrowed it down to 2. I am on a budget for this because I'm moving to Columbus in July and am getting married in August so I need to save a little change while also doing a tune up and shocks struts. I'm looking to spend about $300 total and have found both sets online for that price.

I've narrowed it down to FRPP shocks/struts or the Koni Orange STR.T'S. Both have good reviews for the price since try are both entry level and are a good upgrade over the oems. Which would you guys suggest? Also, has anyone used a FRPP rear sway bar? CDC has them for $30 which seems like a steal if they are worth it.
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Just do it all before you get married. Lol
Haha, I plan on it. Not exactly sure where we are living yet and if I'll have a garage, so I might as well do all this while I have a garage and a ton of tools at my parents lol
Hey congrads on getting married. I got married last year and ended up getting enough money to get a down payment on a house and some car parts. But I got steeda struts with Gt500 strut mounts n I'm pretty happy with it. Do you got lowering springs ?
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