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As many of you may know I offer the ported heads for 99+ guys with stock
valves. They flow 222cfm over 204 stock intake, 131 / 119 exhaust peak with
average 11cfm gain on intake and exhaust side. They're $550.

I also offer a bigger valve option (1.94/1.55 valves).
That flow 244 intake 158 exhaust.

Well, I now have a couple changes. First off the first option will now be
"Standard" heads and will run $450. The surface finish of the ports won't be
the same but the overall flow will be unchanged. This will be for those who
are a little more economy minded. I'll also be offering these in an 'econo'
package that leaves the factory guides intact and the factory valve job
(just touched up a little). Plus a resurface and new seals for $80 more.
Because I try to preserve the factory valve job I can't do as much chamber
work (that risks nicking the seats).

The next heads are "Max Effort" (just to stay away from 'stages' of heads).
They still retain the stock valve but have a larger throat and much more
work throughout the ports and short turn. Full chamber work on these.
$550 for these heads and they flow (well, at least the first iteration for the
moment) 229 intake 144 exhaust at 550 lift (same lift the others were
listed at). Up to 246 at 650 lift (eek! I need to work on the BV heads so they
flow more now! can't have my stock valve heads approaching the BVs), 150
exhaust at 650 lift. No loss in flow down low. More detailed numbers and
probably higher numbers after the next iteration will be posted too.

So yeah, the BV heads right this instant as they sit at Gen2 aren't the best
buy but I'm applying everything I learned during the R&D of the MaxEffort
heads to the Gen3 BV heads to make them flow even more. Thor (236rwhp
n/a) and Justang (265rwhp 4.2 n/a) both ran Gen1 BV heads. I'm pretty
backed up on head orders right now, but the next set of BV heads I do will
(That's you, MikeK) have time put into them for improved flow so they will be
Gen3. I expect 260cfm at 550 lift.

If you have any questions or I was somehow vague in my ramblings and
need clarification just let me know.
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