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HI everyone!

I don't know really where to begin. I guess the reason i am here is that I would love to get a 65 mustang for my dad. Right now, i am just wishing i had the money.LOL. Ever since i was a little girl, my dad would always talk about his dream car, a 1965 mustang convertible. Who knew that a car that is 40 some years old would cost so much. Ideally, if i could find one that virtually needs no work or a little, that would be awesome. And if i can pay a little at a time, that is good too. But I most certainly do not have $30,000.00. I jus thought i would share my thoughts and frustration with you.

My dad is a great dad and he is a very hard worker and really deserves this car. He has supported me and encouraged me, and i am undoubtedly a daddy's girl. I would love to do this for him, even if it can't be right away.

Sorry about my grammar and punctuations, i get lazy when i type in blogs.
Thanks for reading.
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