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So, the Boss gave me permission to buy the Boss 302 Exhaust and I dropped the order Sunday night from BuyFordRacing and it shipped yesterday.

I feel like I read every post on every forum on the entire Interwebs about this ... and the prevailing feeling from the overwhelming majority is they were happy with the purchase.

I have Roush axle-backs already ... I listened to some videos on this combo and I am pretty psyched to hear it in person.

I am hoping that I can do this on my Race Ramps ... it's tight under there but I installed the Barton shift bracket OK ... took some cussing but I survived. Apparently, a ratchet wrench is the tool for the front clamps ... and I just so happen to have a full set including metric.

I'll be sure to post before and after videos.

If anyone does have any installation tips, I certainly would appreciate hearing them. Thanks in advance!
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