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Night pics of my blue neons!

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Here are some pics of my interior with my blue neons on. I just felt like taking them tonight.

Theres one of my gauges too, just cuz.

You can also see my sweet billet aluminum cruise controls! :headbang:
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Dom, you have neons? "Mr. I-Have-More-Neons-Than-Car" ?? j/w
Yeah, I like to let them gawk over all the billet accessories and my reverse glo gauges.
Then I turn on the neons. I love getting compliments! 8)
ummm.... once again, I LOVE EBAY! :headbang: You won't believe me, but $30 total, S&H too.

they came in an unmarked box, so i dont remember brand or anything.

really easy install tho, mine was just one piece, slid over the needles, didnt remove them or anything. took less than an hour, hardest part was trying to figure out which wire went to my parking lights... If i remember correctly, the brown one... :-?
I think the stupidest part of the whole installation on my part was inviting my ricer friend (del sol) to help w/ the install. I just thought it would be easier with 2 people, and he had similar gauges in his car.... :oops:

Oh well, guess ya gotta learn from your mistakes. :rolleyes:
thats awesome. make sure you get up some pics when you get all that installed :headbang:
yeah, mine are definitely under the seat. They are pretty bright, but they don't distract me or anything while I'm driving. Not even when I have the whole "beat to the music" thing goin, which isnt often. They're such a pain to get to the right sensitivity, and when u get it just right, the song changes. :oops:

I got one from wal-mart and the other from a friend who was dumb and tried to unplug his by yanking on the wire. It left the plug in the outlet, but the wires came out! he didnt feel like fixing it, so i took it and wired it to my other plug. So now, 1 plug, 2 neons. 8)

I had them under the dash for a while, but I like them better under the seat, shows better outside of the car.
well, it wasnt the cig lighter.

it's the accessory port on the middle console :yes:

i dont know about other states, but in alabama, if its under the dash its ok. I got pulled over (random cars on new years, whatever. no ticket tho :) ) and didnt even think about them being on. cop didnt mention them at all. and if he was gonna say somethin, he would have cuz mine are blue, and u know how they are about blue lights...
I like Zim's panels, but im short on money and I kinda like my little compartment I installed after I put in the aftermarket cd player.

Guess if i get one i'll have to keep my remote somewhere else.
So is that under body neon kit worth it? Do you use it much? I know in bama its illegal to have them on while ur on a public road, but I still want em...

Those switches on the left underside of ur dash, what do those go to?
Thx for the suggestion. I just ordered some StreetGlow Gold Line blue ones!

:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
Sweet. I almost got some no name LED lights instead, for cheaper.

But I decided to go w/ a brand I know is good and shell out the few extra dollars. Besides, one of the main attractions of an LED kit is the patterns and stuff u can do, which I don't care about.
Well, they'll be here Thursday, Friday latest. go ahead and let me get at those pics, so I can get right on it when they get here. I'm an impatient lil sumbitch, :D .

I was planning on askin my friend to help, but after the gauges, i dunno...
haha, sorry bout the pm dom... :)

They're bright as hell!!

I'll put pics up when I can wash my car and it quits raining here.
ahaha, damn rain...

I've been on the phone with that god guy, but he insists on the rain.

i'll get them up when I can. I might just take some before I wash her, since they would be night pics...
get my PM? I bet you can sell that guy a switch plate, haha
pics are in a new post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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