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Night pics of my blue neons!

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Here are some pics of my interior with my blue neons on. I just felt like taking them tonight.

Theres one of my gauges too, just cuz.

You can also see my sweet billet aluminum cruise controls! :headbang:
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:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

I solute you! White Stang.....Blue Neons... :headbang:

Got em under the dash and under the car. Soon some will be under the seats to shine on the rear seats. And I have a blue APC tube with strobes to put in the trunk with my new amp. :headbang:
I have my neons under the dash. The passenger side worked out great becuase I just had to zip tie them two wholes on the bracket under the glove box.

For the driver side, I had to go get some aluminum strips and cut them to mount and set back the tube on the passenger side.

And yes, all my neons are hardwired. ;)
If you get an underbody kit, get StreetGlow Gold Line at all costs. I got the Optix or Blue Line and it's not very bright. :oops:

My switches are #1, Underbody #2, Fog Lights #3, Underdash.

That panel is just temp. Until I get the new headunit in and fab up a new switch panel for underbodys, interior, trunk, and amp.

I'm gonna go get a OEM switch for the fogs.
Awesome. PM me or AIM if you need any help on the install. I have pictures. ;)
Oh hell. I will be writing an install soon. ;)
Is alright. Halfway done with the guide. :yes:
WhiteStang99 said:
ahaha, damn rain...

I've been on the phone with that god guy, but he insists on the rain.

i'll get them up when I can. I might just take some before I wash her, since they would be night pics...
NOW!!! :twisted: It's winter, little rain/snow never hurt anyone in a picture.
Now go to a parking lot and show off. :headbang:
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