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Night pics of my blue neons!

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Here are some pics of my interior with my blue neons on. I just felt like taking them tonight.

Theres one of my gauges too, just cuz.

You can also see my sweet billet aluminum cruise controls! :headbang:
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jesus! those are kind of bright! i'm thinking about installing some green neons in my car... it looks like yours are under the seats, am i correct? i'm thinking maybe i'll just do it under the dash board. looks great though!
yeah, i dont want them to show from outside the car... i'm a little paranoid of cops... so how did you wire them? you said 1 plug, 2 neons? please tell me they're not through the cig lighter... i have one of Zim's switch boards (oh baby! on of the first ever made!) and i have one switch which needs to be filled... guess i'll go through that :p
yeah, red and blue are no-no's. i need to email my PD again to check on interior neons... because i think they're ok while moving as long as the bulb isn't visable (which is the way it should be ;)).
i'd probably hit those switches like everytime i got in the car... lol
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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