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I am happy to announce that we have our fall 03 Cooters Cruise coming up Saturday November 22nd.  As you may have heard by now, Cooter is moving to Tennesse after November is over.  So this will be our sendoff cruise for Cooter .  The cruise will be in conjunction with the Northern Virginia Lighting Owners & Performance Enthusiasts club, so our goal is to have at least 50-75 cars and trucks in attendance.  Help spread the word, as it is open to all true automotive enthusiasts that participate in The Crossroad!!!!!

For those that have never gone, Cooters is a small place in Sperryville VA where Cooter (aka Ben Jones) hangs out, signs autographs, takes pictures and they have Dukes of Hazzard memoribilia for sale.  He is an extremely down to earth guy that is very easy to talk to. The cruise takes us through Gainsville, out past Warrenton into Sperryville.  Skyline drive is just a few miles past Cooters for those that wish to continue on.

Anyway, here are the details for the Fall Cooters Cruise:

When:  Saturday November 22nd
Time:  Meet in Alexandria at 9:15AM or Manassas at 10:15AM
Where to Meet:  Parkridge Center Parking Lot (Old Navy, Hoyts Theatre shopping Center)

NOVA Departure at 9:15AM from the Kingstowne KOHLS Parking Lot in Alexandria off South Van Dorn/Fairfax County Parkway!

Depart to Cooters:  10:50AM Sharp

Description:  We will be getting in cruise formation at the Shopping Center parking lot at 10:40AM and the Rules of the Road will be passed out.  There is easily room for 50-100 cars and trucks at the parking lot.  Our goal is to have 75 or more vehicles participate.  We will take the same route as our past cruises to Cooters Garage in Sperryville VA.  Driving directions to Cooters will be available at the meet point.  Alma (Cooters wife) told me that she had the parking reserved for us again.  So we have room for everyone.  Also, the Food Shack will again be open!!!  They will be serving hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries, catfish and BBQ.  It takes approximately 1 hour to get to Cooters.  Once there, you will be able to meet and greet with Cooter, take plenty of pictures, buy Dukes of Hazzard Gifts and food. 

Please Invite anyone you think would like to participate! And as with any Crossroad Event, we dont give a damn what you drive, BRING IT!

I hope to see you there on the 22nd of November.

Here is a link to our Organizing Thread if you would like to be counted in!

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Looks like it will be alot of fun. I'd come if I didn't live in MS. I've made the drive before but don't feel like it at the moment. Sounds like a great get together though.
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