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Yeah, I'm killing myself for getting a V6. (I had the chance and money to get an 8, but I said to myself gas was cheaper and I didn't care for speed)

Sure, my car looks really nice (I'll have to show you guys pics sometime), but everytime I hear a V8 with a nice exhaust I get envious.
And then the speed sometimes kills me because sometimes it feels freakin slow! I wasn't a speed guy before, and I bought the Mustang because I wanted a convertible, not a fast car, but now... oh, I'm a scrub!

I've driven a Mach1 and GT, and something with that amount of torque is fine with me. It feels nice. I just want something faster. More driveable.

Since I just bought my 6 this August it, I would lose money trying to trade it in. Don't want to do that. I already know that my car has negative equity. But by next fall I could easily put a $5k downpayment.

Would you guys say it would be better to...

1) Don't bother modding my 6 for speed at all, stick with what I have now, wait until next fall, sell the car, and put down $5k for a new GT or used Cobra (99/01 because I probably can't afford an 03 Cobra)


2) Modify my 6 for speed (starting with CAI, exhaust, etc) little by little, save up the $5k, and by next fall throw in a turbo or supercharger.

(Yeah I know... I'm a geek for my b!tching)
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