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I'm currently doing a ton of work on my 2002 Mustang GT (I've previously posted a bunch of times on here about a lot of that work). As part of what I'm doing, I bought Modular Motorsport Racing's billet steel "Hurricane" oil pump, which requires the larger than stock 15/16" oil pickup tube (I think it's the same pickup tube that comes with the higher performance Ford Racing oil pump you can buy). Since I have to remove the oil pan to replace the pickup tube (I already have the entire front suspension, which I'm completely replacing with new, and the K-member removed), I decided I was going to replace my oil pan and gasket, too, since there's evidence of slight leakage.

At first, I just bought a stock replacement oil pan from my local Ford dealer, but I've since decided to upgrade to a Moroso 8-quart oil pan. I also bought a windage tray from Modular Motorsport Racing, which has a gasket already molded into it.

However, I recently was watching a video on YouTube where a guy was talking about windage trays for a 4.6 liter V-8. He had a windage tray that looked like the one I bought from MMR, and I believe he said it was OE on the 2008 Mustang GT500 (which, I'm aware, had a 5.4 liter engine). I believe he even mentioned it was the same one MMR sells. He had his engine on a stand, inverted, and when he held it in position on his engine, he said that it clearly wouldn't work, as part of the rotating crank assembly was hitting it. Because of this, I'm afraid to use my MMR windage tray, now.

He also had a windage tray that he said was OE on all 3-valve 4.6 liter engines used in the Mustang from 2005-2010. This one fit perfectly, without any clearance issues. Sadly, though, I checked with my Ford dealer, and that part is long since obsolete, and the results of a locate the dealer did on that part number came up that no one anywhere had it still - it's gone forever.

So, now I've narrowed down the possibilities to a windage tray Moroso sells (#22933) for the 4.6/5.4 liter V-8 (horizontally pictured tray), or a Canton windage tray (#20-939; vertically pictured tray).

Has anyone ever used either the Moroso or Canton windage trays on their 4.6 liter engine? Do they fit without any clearance issues? What about the MMR/GT500 windage tray? Anyone know if that will or will not work on a 2-valve 4.6 liter?

I don't race my car, and I know a windage tray is probably unnecessary, but I'm installing a lot of beefier/higher performance than stock parts on my car, and since I'm installing this new 8-quart Moroso oil pan, I especially want a windage tray, and I need one that WON'T REQUIRE MODIFICATION! Any info/previous experience anyone can share with me would really be appreciated! Thanks.
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