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Okay while driving to work this morning I saw that white STi that I raced that one night, I laughed hoping he'd remember me but he was ahead of me and I turned on a different street. When I got off of work I saw him, but traffic made it hard for me to get near him and eventually he was no where in sight.

So I'm bummed, suddenly a CRX comes out of nowhere, all white with a loud exhaust. I laughed and thought "Oh good this'll make up for it."

I caught up to him and we were at a red light for like half a second giving me a little bit of an advantage because he was slowing down and it hit green (no traffic) and I hit it. Then I heard the loud exhaust screaming from his car and BOOM.

Yeah that's right

He beat me :no: His car just shot off, he beat me by a car length. His exhaust smelt really bad, like he was running really lean. God only knows what he had in that thing, no turbo, just a lot of something and my head feels dizzy from the exhaust fumes.

:no: But I am pretty bummed now
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V6 is slow, but our cars are american, and weigh over a thousand lbs more. We have so much potential in our cars though, i.e. Dan Haga....

We still look better than they ever will and all the pretty ladies would rather ride in a stang than a vic.
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