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Okay while driving to work this morning I saw that white STi that I raced that one night, I laughed hoping he'd remember me but he was ahead of me and I turned on a different street. When I got off of work I saw him, but traffic made it hard for me to get near him and eventually he was no where in sight.

So I'm bummed, suddenly a CRX comes out of nowhere, all white with a loud exhaust. I laughed and thought "Oh good this'll make up for it."

I caught up to him and we were at a red light for like half a second giving me a little bit of an advantage because he was slowing down and it hit green (no traffic) and I hit it. Then I heard the loud exhaust screaming from his car and BOOM.

Yeah that's right

He beat me :no: His car just shot off, he beat me by a car length. His exhaust smelt really bad, like he was running really lean. God only knows what he had in that thing, no turbo, just a lot of something and my head feels dizzy from the exhaust fumes.

:no: But I am pretty bummed now
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oaktonarcher said:
NOS man it kills all. hahahahah owned by a civic, now some ricer out there is talking **** about beating a 05 GT 5 Spd with a kenny bell S/c pumping out 11 psi.
:lol: It just shows that every car has potential and anybody can win in a street race. I'm sure everyone here has seen the video of the crx staying even with a viper?

Lets meet up and race sometime seph! Oh yeah, the l.a.c.r. meeting is officially March 25th. Go!
EclipseGSTdude said:
nah i doubt it had nitrous. prolly just a b16 swap with gsr head. not to bag on the v6 but it doesnt take much do smoke one. a crx with 200hp will run mid to low 14's and will rape on the top end. i hate hondas but you have to respect one that is done up right. theres a turbo b18 hatch at the track, yellow, nice rims, it ran a [email protected] on street radials and a 2.2 60ft. the thing pulled like a mofo, i dont doubt it would rape even some of the more modded cars from a roll.
that thing must be deadly from a roll with a 2.2 60 foot time and a low 12. I see people with 2.0 60 foot times and 13's
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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