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Im kicking around the idea of selling my Aftercooler setup. I will fill any 2V and will fit any 4V if you buy one small thing. The setup includes the following:
-Custom Power Pipe-$175 (painted factory performance red)
-Vortech Aftercooler setup-$1765 (painted factory performance red)
-Custom discharge pipe w/flange for bypass valve-$100 (painted factory performance red)
-Vortech Maxflow race valve-$275
-Upgraded dual pass front mount heat exchanger-$400
-Upgraded Cobra coolant pump-$100+
-All lines, hoses, clamps etc included

If you don't care for the red or would want a different color all it would take is to scuff it with some sand paper and throw a coat of high temp paint on it. If I get my asking price I will paint the setup a color of the buyer's choice (whatever I can get at the local AutoZone). I have more pics for interested buyers. Call or text any questions to 304-553-2931
Im looking to get $1800+shipping OBO


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