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Man Redline doesn't make it easy.

I spent an hour on there site putting in diff selections for 99-04 mustang models and nothing showed up for e brake boots, and I am a Web App Architect for quite a long time now.

So I give up on Redline and go back to searching web and post here.

So after a few hours of searching the web I find a thread on a forum from a while back and look what I find:

Order your shift boots - RedlineGoods leather shift boots

Ford Mustang 1999-04 shift boot - RedlineGoods leather shift boot store

Someone over at Redline needs to take a look at what the car selection is pulling from the db because for me when I chose ford mustang nothing for my car came up.

Ok, yeah I see the problem, the url is pulling from 01 but the page says 99-04, they def have some app issues with the query to the db. One or more of there pages for model lookup have not been updated correctly because some pages pull up the products fine and some pages don't.

Anyways, holy crap look at the custom options, I going to have to come up with a killer color combo for a shift and brake boot.

This has to be costing them sales-no doubt.
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